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Special Invitation to all members.

Ok, as you may have heard if you were at last nights meeting, the GPAA has sent us there new By_Laws. It was voted on that they have to be reviewed by the GJGPAA board, before talking to the membership about the GPAA Pros and Cons. With that said, our next board meeting will be on December 2, 2014 were we will discuss the new GPAA By_Laws. 

 As per GPAA new By_Laws in  Artical 4 Members and paragraph 5. I Quote:
"Chapter Responsibilities to member and non-members: The newly formed GPAA Chapter must be open to the general public at all times. This includes but is not limited to members and non-members alike. They should be allowed to participate in fundraising efforts, lectures and other activities. (Non-Members are not eligible under any circumstances to vote for officers, hold office, sit on the Claims Committee or utilize GPAA claims) "
End Quote.
And under current GJGPAA By_Laws Section Membership on the first page and under paragraph 2. I Quote:
"2. This Chapter being non-profit club will allow the General Public and GPAA members to attend meetings and participate as any member in the fundraisers, lectures, training and other activities but are not eligible to vote for officers, hold office or be on the Claims Committee or utilize GPAA claims."
End Quote.

I would like to invite all GPAA and non GPAA members of the Grand Junction Gold Prospectors board meeting for our discussion and review of the new GPAA By_Laws. Of course we will bring our findings to the next official meeting. That could be this December or January depending on the board and members decision at the time of review, December 2, 2014 at Cross Orchards 6:30PM. I hope to see a good turnout.

DECEMBER 13 / Potluck Dinner @ VFW Post 14th street and Ute.

Be sure to bring your winning picture and or prospecting articles to the Christmas dinner, so we can vote on the yearly contest winner for each category.  Prizes are substantial. I hope to see a great turn out. 


JANUARY 13 2015 / Meeting

Reading Maps demo and discussion


FEBRUARY 10 / Meeting

Speaker: Bill Shannon from the Lizard Antithetical Lab


MARCH 10 / Meeting

Reading a River demo and discussion

————————————————————————————APRIL 14 / Meeting

Sampling demo

APRIL 18, 19 & 20

Pot Luck and scavenger hunt gathering @ Lands End Road 


MAY 12 / Meeting

Panning Demo


JUNE 9 / Meeting

Dredging Demo and discussion


JULY 14 / Meeting

Metal Detecting demo and discussion


AUGUST 11 / Meeting

High-banking demo and discussion


SEPTEMBER 8 / Meeting

Tromel demo and discussion


OCTOBER 13 / Meeting

Gold Cube demo and discussion


NOVEMBER 10 / Meeting

Finishing with water tables demo and discussion


DECEMBER 12, 2015

Pot Luck Dinner to be decided on where to meet.


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